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Various tools that you will need as a locksmith

Locksmiths use various tools for different problems. Learning what all of them do takes years and even then you must constantly keep pace with the new ones, but this article will provide you with the information about some of the most commonly used tools for a locksmith.

Different locks are required for your home, car, gate or your safe. This means different locks for all of them. Here are just some of them.

Key extractor. What if you manage to break the key inside the cylinder somehow. This is a common problem, but definitely, one that could be very serious. Key extractors come to aid than as they can safely take out anything that gets inside the cylinder.


Locksmith pick lock toolsElectronic lock and automatic pick. An electronic lock is commonly made of steel or some other material equally or more resistant and is used to configure up to 6 pins and disc patterns. The electronic pick can be used to open more sophisticated locks, like a combination safe.

Plug Spinner. This tool is used by the locksmith to lift and turn the plugs. This enables him to get the plugs in the position that will allow him to open the lock.

Torque wrench. A torque wrench is used by the locksmith to get to the shear line or the place where the inner cylinder ends and the outer begins. Torque or tension wrench has to be carefully manipulated to use them successfully. There are three basic types of these wrenches: light, medium and rigid. It is up to the locksmith to decide what he will use depending on the situation.

Electric pick gun. This gun is a small size drilling device which is powered by electricity. It is used as a last resort in cases where the locksmith is unable to open the lock with standard tools. What this gun do is that it drills a hole in the lock, thus enabling access to its interior. Of course, regular electrical drills can also be used in this situation.

Skill and dexterity of the locksmith are what gives him the edge over his competition. But no matter how experienced he is or how nimble his fingers are, a locksmith won’t get very far today if he doesn’t have the right tools for his job and if those tools are not of the highest quality.

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